Government Contracting

AOD is a leading provider of professional services to federal, state, and local governments. Over the past 25 years the professionals at Accountants On Duty have managed more than $5 billion in the public sector work. Our accounting and audit management project expertise includes educational facilities, judicial complexes, libraries, healthcare facilities, administrative headquarters and offices, data centers, special operations facilities, healthcare facilities and military housing.

AOD works closely with State and local governments. AOD understands the requirements of governance and the increased scrutiny, greater expectations, with decreased resources for local governments and its expanding communities. AOD solves these challenges when we partner with our clients. 

DCAA Compliance

AOD provides the systems, expertise, and knowledge to meet government accounting compliance requirements. The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) requires that government contractors be accountable for all aspects of the project contract and outlines the requirements of government contractors system for accounting methods, procedures, and controls established to gather, record, classify, analyze, summarize, interpret, and present accurate and timely financial data for reporting in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and management decisions, among many other requirements. These accounting systems must provide records for audit review.

AOD Federal, State & Local Contracting

Clients turn to Accountants On Duty, (AOD) consulting for objective advice about forecasting costs, controlling costs, auditing change orders and invoices, and overseeing recovery strategies — all to meet project financial goals without surprises. Our cost engineers and accountants also quantify direct and indirect costs in support or in defense of requests for additional compensation.

Accountants On Duty employs specialists in critical path method (CPM) schedule development, review and progress evaluation for all phases of a capital project. Our professionals are adept at creating and evaluating bid, baseline, recovery, and start-up and commissioning schedules, as well as performing complex schedule delay analyses.

Our highly trained government contract compliance accountants know what the government needs to see, how to get you the maximum reimbursement on your government contract, all while keeping within compliance with the regulations of the FAR and CAS. We offer DCAA Audit Support as well as Review of DCAA Audit Positions. 

Federal and state government contractors are subject to oversight by several audit agencies throughout the term of their contracts. We alleviate your government contract accounting stress, so that you can focus on growing your business in creative and innovative ways. 

AOD professionals have performed financial, operational, performance audits on large international architectural, engineering, program management and construction management projects.

AOD has developed internal audit programs to analyze all business segments, test internal controls, maintain risk register, utilize audit software and provide written audit reports. Our audit programs are specifically designed to meet the needs and objectives of the client and the project. AOD has traveled internationally to conduct audits, and present audit reports and findings to management, Board of Directors and other stakeholders.

AOD manages audits by providing audit scheduling, the design of audit test to test and the performance of substantive test. We have the technical ability to apply the latest audit and research techniques to identify risk, assess trends, and provide useful information to management. 

AOD reviews internal controls and recommend internal controls to mitigate risk. We conduct all internal audits to test regulatory and compliance activities. Research summaries, Internal Audit Reports and reports on financial and organizational efficiency and effectiveness are written and presented to Board of Directors, Officers, Management and other stakeholders orally and in writing. AOD has developed a system to track all audit findings and track implementation of corrective actions and recommendations. 

Effective interaction with all levels of client staff and management is imperative. Providing accurate, concise, and timely reports and presentations to management and the executive board has been AOD’s most important responsibility.

Audit Project Manager

As Audit Project Manager, our professionals at AOD primary responsibility is to conduct audits of over 300 residential structures and provide a written report, recommend sustainable energy improvements, and provide corrective actions. Our audit team consist of 12 BPI Certified Building Analyst. AOD is the leading auditor that schedules auditors, provides auditors with technical advice and reviews audit findings. As Audit Project Manager we have conducted oral and written meetings with University of North Carolina at Charlotte building science engineers to determine energy efficient corrective measures. After energy efficient corrective measures were in place, final energy testing was conducted to document increased energy efficiency. Under this Department of Energy, SWIFT (Streamlined Weatherization Improvements For Tomorrow) program.

We are dedicated to providing timely and responsive financial advisory services that meet and exceed the expectations of our clients by:

• Creating an environment of teamwork, communication, trust and mutual respect

• Developing highly qualified employees dedicated to our firm’s mission

• Working with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied 100% of the time